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Simplifying Work and Life

If there are computer processes that you do constantly, why not perform them in fewer clicks?

Perform fast. Read and watch our tutorials to make your work and life simpler.

About Me

I am Raul Cintron. I am a programmer with over 4 years of experience, plenty of certificates in programming and leadership skills, and plenty of deployed apps and Excel VBA macros that assist everyday workers and supervisors get tasks completed as efficiently as possible. I focus on creating the macros and writing the codes behind the scenes to make work seem effortless, in turn, saving time and money for companies in the long run. There is nothing I love more than the spread of knowledge to assist others.

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"Don't struggle working if you don't have to. Make work-life easier and enjoy your own personal life."

Enjoy life, while your computer actually does the work for you. Feel free to contact me. Info at the bottom.

At Cintron Automations, I do no use the same approach for any client. I focus solely on your specific needs and after a thorough analysis, provide the most efficient way to make your processes much simpler.

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