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About Me

Raul Cintron

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I am a Military Police Staff Sargeant 31B30 in the Puerto Rico National Guard. Currently, I am an instructor/facilitator in the Regional Training Institution (RTI) for both Basic Leadership Course (BLC) and Basic Military Police Course (BMPC). With the ability to teach, I strive to take my skill set to the civilian sector where I enjoy programming and making life simpler for everyone. I am currently completing the Bachelor's Degree in Computer Sciences, though I have already taken plenty of courses through MITedX and other online services. For the Army, I have been able to assist units to achieve their optimal levels, instructors have an easier time with simple grading programs, and during the Covid-19, the Army was able to move fast and keep track of all their missions with my skills as a programmer.

Aside from that, I am basically a Jack of all Trades as I like to know a bit of everything possible. If I don't know something in particular, I will not stop until I figure it out and understand it fundamentally.


What is CintronAutomations?

It is a way to reach those who lack the knowledge of the true potentials of automation. Through various programs such as VBA, C#, WiX, databases, among others, we will look for ways to make work and life simpler. Knowledge is power, and here, we will also strive to give you the latest valuable information so that you can make informed decisions as well.

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