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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

SharePoint and Teams can be a huge help for any company, if you know how to use them effectively.

I've seen SharePoint sites being used erroneously and eventually become awful for users. Files scatted, folders hidden deep within. You need to find something, and you'll need more than luck. Contact an admin, and wait for them to find it, if they can remember where they hid it within the labyrinth of the SharePoint. Teams? Same thing. Dozens of groups, files scattered, no guidance. SharePoint and Teams can become virtually living nightmares.

Communication is Key

“Does everyone know how to use SharePoint or Teams effectively?”

So you get access to your company's SharePoint. Good luck. That's it. Just wing it from there. Teams? Same thing. Completely ineffective ways to help your company grow. I knowledgeable employee is a happy employee. A happy employee is an effective and productive employee. The biggest tip I can give when it comes to SharePoint and Teams is if you are the leader, ensure you understand how you want to use it and pass the information to your employees. If you are the employee, seek guidance on how the company wishes to effectively utilize these systems. Don't just start stacking files randomly and creating folders without verifying if there is already a specific location for certain documents. I've seen SharePoint be used to store photos... In a file folder... With the file name given by the camera that took it. No icon, no image, nothing. Simply a huge list of "photos" that you have to open one by one to see what it has.

Powerful Systems, Made Pointless

SharePoint and Teams are both powerful systems and super effective if they are used correctly. Without the proper knowledge, they are simply pointless. They can easily become tools to break morale and decrease productivity.

Avoid Making Them Pointless

“Gain knowledge, and Share it. That's the Point. Do it for your Team.”
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