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Tips for landing a new job

If you're a programmer with a degree or just learning on your own, you know that this job industry is highly competitive and hard to get into. Most jobs now a days ask for years of experience and some kind of education in Computer Science. Well, this post is to help you get one step ahead of your competition and get you that job that you desire.

Now, before we begin with the skills most commonly asked for in the industry; I have some great advise to keep in mind. First, research the position you are about to apply to. You don't want to go into an interview without knowing what you are about to get into. Read up on the requirements and responsibilties of that job, it helps during an interview to show the interviewers that you have knowledge about what they're looking for. Another thing to keep in kind is to pay attention to the requirement they ask for when you're applying.

Most jobs today can only be applied to virtually. This means that they have to go through an AI that vets application looking for key words in a resume before forwarding the best resumes to their human counterparts. This means that if you want to have a higher chance of getting an interview, you have to make sure those key words are in your resume. You could have all the experience and knowledge in the world about whatever field you work on but if you dont have the necessary key words they're looking for in your resume there wont be anyone contacting you for an interview for that position. And where do you find these key words you say? Well, in the job description of course! As I said before, reading up on the job description is key to get ahead of the competition, especially if you want to know the key words. Most key words are in the requirements section of the job description but you can also find some in the job descrition itself. Now, most importantly you must pay attention to the questions the system asks you during the application.

A lot of times job applications will ask that you answer some yes or no questions before or after you submit your application. Now, at this moment you may get overwhelmed by certain questions asking you about certain skills and proficiency. But fear not! Everything you need to know to answer the question is within the question itself! What do I mean by this? Well, that's easy. Read the question thoroughly and analyze it. Let me be specific, a lot of question will ask you if you have experience with x skill or knowledge with y skill; and this diferrence is quite important. If you're being asked if you have knowledge with y skill, you got this! Just go read up on what they're asking you and boom! You got the knowledge on the subject they asked you about. Now, if they are asking you if you have experience with a software or other skill a you have to do is get on YouTube or your preferred tutorial website, learn and practice a little in the software and there is your experience. As long as that job is not asking you for a specific amount of years of experience in that skill you're good to go! Of course, if you get an interview it would behoove you to learn more about the skill in question and maybe even make a presentation showing off what you've done after learning it to ace that interview. Other than that, confidence is the key to get you at least one interview! Now I will tell you about somw of the skills that a lot of companies are now searching for:

1. PHP

PHP is actually a pretty easy and handy skill to learn. If you like web design and have either knowledge or experience in writting html, this skill will be great for complementing that. Make a lot of steps that you normally do in HTML5 a lot easier and quicker. Saves you lines in your code.

2. SQL

A lot of jobs in the market now have to do either with analytics, database management and even data entry so learning how to work with mySQL or even PopSQL and any other SQL database will work wonders for you in the job market. At minimum it'll make recruiters look at your resume at least once.

Now, there's plenty more software skills you must learn to become a more viable candidate for most companies but with what knowledge I have given you it should be easier for you to get at least a few interviews under your belt. The rest is up to you dear reader, to become the very best you can be and ace your next interview so you can finally have that dream job you always wanted. Or at least something close enough to make you feel fulfilled and wealthy enough to not worry about what food is going to be at your table.

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