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Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Expand your reach with a well developed site that can be both pleasing to outsiders, as well as an efficient tool for your organization.

There are plenty of sites that are useful nowadays that make the development of new sites easier. However, one thing to consider is experience. Do you have the experience to take full advantage of a site with the essentials web builders offer?

The Magic Behind an Effective Site

“You can make it look beautiful, but can you make it do... anything?”

Web builders are known for being a pretty cheap and effective way of getting a website up and running as soon as possible, however, there are still some portions of it that require programming knowledge. The level of knowledge required obviously depends on what you desire to create. Make a nice blog and personal information site to get noticed? Sure, go for it. Looking to create a site that offers a business to rack in money? Getting tricky... Trying to create databases for a company to get and pull information constantly while and the same time giving the users a pleasant experience. You can always try. And you may succeed, after countless anger days and coding fails (a part of every programmers life at some point.)

Consider What You Can Get

Some people may just throw their arms back and say they made a pretty good site on their own after a day or two. However, you could be limiting yourself drastically. Sure you want to avoid the headaches of coding so you make it simple, but then the user experience might not be optimal. You need a database, and without experience, chances are you'll probably make it after a few head bangs on the table. Need an exceptional design? Post random pictures and forget. Sure it'll could be attractive... for a short time. Though web builders and other developers make it look easy. I can assure you, they make it look easy because they have had years of experience, years of anger at codes, and years of creating the discipline needed to program successfully.

Consider Options

Free is Always an Option. Simple and Automated is Also an Option”

Free is never a bad idea, depending on the purpose. Making a site for self promotion? Go for it. Chances are it'll be low maintenance and won't require too much work with technical stuff like databases or programs. Making a site to offer services and online programs? It starts getting bigger. Making a site for a company to make your employees lives easier? Be careful you don't cause them more headaches in the long run. Experience is worth it. as the project scales up in needs. If you're interested in looking for someone to guide you, I am also available for consultancies should you feel you need assistance.

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