Windows 11 - Day 1: Bugs and Annoyances

One day testing Windows 11, and the bugs are noticeable and to a point, scary. Using an MSI GS66 Stealth, I felt pretty confident in the hardware, and indeed, the installation process was a charm. A special note is I did download a Dev Chanel version of the Windows 11 Preview, so I was expecting bugs from the start.

"Windows 11 just ruined my display!"

This was one of the first thoughts that went through my mind when I used the laptop display and did a search on Edge, only to find the window flickering as if the night light was turning on and off randomly. I mostly used an external display so I did not see this until late at night when I took the laptop to the living room and used it to show my girlfriend videos on youtube.

Obviously, the first thing I did was troubleshoot it to identify what was really the problem. I moved the display up and down a bit. The flickering remained. So the fear that Windows 11 ruined the display intensified at that moment. I decided to open other windows, folders, and files. In doing so, the flickering stopped. Odd enough, I go to the settings and the night light option was already turned off. Fear diminishes a bit now, as I am noticing there is a culprit. Microsoft Edge was the only one having the issue. At that point, I decided to open another separate Edge window and place them side by side. Lo and behold, only one half of the screen was flickering and the other was not, meaning only one of the two Edge windows was having a bug. What a relief. I was already starting to hate Windows 11 until the investigation proved it was a bug,

Since my version is the preview for developers, I'll use this experience to give feedback to Microsoft through their Feedback Hub, as they still have plenty of months to work out the kinks such as these. I'm not disappointed yet and am optimistic about the changes occurring.

"Let's check the settings... Ok, maybe I won't?"

This bug was definitely expected as Microsoft has already identified it could happen to some users. You open the settings window and it pops up, only to show a loading icon in the middle for a second and then crashes. It has happened a few times already, but on reopening, it works. I'm not going to hammer this issue as I understand it has undergone a drastic change in how it looks and feels, but just to let users be aware, it is happening.

"I turned off the recommended section on the Start menu. Why are you reminding me how to turn it back on when I purposefully turned it off?"

This one is not so much a bug, but rather simply an annoyance. The Start menu looks interesting in the middle of the screen. Curved borders make it feel more... Apple in a way. It makes sense they are going for something more elegant in a way, however, by adding new interesting features, an annoyance was included. Underneath the Pinned icons in the Start menu, you now have a Recommended section that shows you the last files you opened. Makes sense on a productive side, but I personally have never been one to openly have the last files I open exposed so easily. Working in a schoolhouse, others pass by my section often and can take a glance at your windows. If you are opening the Start Menu at that time, boom. All your last files are there for their enjoyment.

The main problem is seeing those files, which kind of eliminates a sense of privacy, but luckily you can disable it, to an extent. Upon going to settings and changing the Start menu options, it did turn off the feature. But with that fix comes the biggest annoyance. If I turned off recommendations because I do not want it, why does it still show on the start menu, taking up about half of the window to remind me I can turn it back on if I go to settings? I was expecting it to go away completely and have that space filled with something more useful, like an extended Pinned menu. Maybe I'm picky, but I like my privacy as much as the next user.

"Day 1 with Windows 11"

All in all, not bad besides the display scare. There are plenty of features left to test out, including the Snap Layout which I am beginning to be a fan of the widgets which are being brought back from Windows Vista and 7, and the fun parts like the AutoHDR and DirectStorage for gamers. Be sure to subscribe to stay informed on the coming changes.

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