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Windows 11 Insider Preview Builds

Windows 11 has is now open for download, if you know how to get access.

Windows 11 has not been officially released and therefore is in testing stages still. Windows has what's called the Insider Program. Though you may not know what it is, if you have Windows and check the Windows Update section, you should see a section that mentions the Insider Program. Within it, it'll ask if you want to join and if so, which channel. Now here is where it gets tricky.

"What are these channels?"

Channels are groups within the Insider group that have different privileges. The chart above shows the availability of Windows 11 based on channels. Though I can not tell you which one to choose over another, I can give you an idea of what each one does.

"Dev Channel: For the developer in you."

The Dev channel is just for that. People with programming experience and understand Windows at a development level. If you are capable of making applications for the Windows Store or alter Windows to your choosing and are willing to accept bugs here and there (Of which there will be more than the other choices), this is the choice for you.

The Windows 11 preview for this channel is the most fragile, so don't expect full stability. Crashes are expected and programs having errors even more.

"Beta Channel: You want to be one of the first users on board."

The Beta Channel is for programs that are more tested and more available to the public. They are expected to have bugs here and there, so if you are willing to have a few headaches and send feedback to Microsoft, this could be a good choice for you. I have already sent feedback to Microsoft on options that could be fixed. This is the perfect choice to do that with.

"Release Preview Channel: The most 'stable' choice."

The Release Preview Channel. Sounds good by the title, but the release preview is what is to be released just before the actual release date. If you play video games or have had other programs from day one, you should know they are far from perfect. This is the chance to get in first and give those last-minute feedbacks so that the final product can be more polished.

"Which channel should I choose?"

As I mentioned in Dev Channel if you have programming experience and don't mind setbacks or hassles on your current setup, feel free to select it. I personally selected the Dev Channel option and downloaded the Windows 11 preview which was the only available option for my setup. (I'll write more blogs on the experience in the upcoming days.)

Beta Channel will offer the preview with a more stable version, less prone to failure. That does not make it perfect in any way, but again, if you desire to be one of the first with someone stable version, this is the version for you.

The Release Preview Channel will offer a version of Windows 11 when Microsoft has understood there are minimal bugs and they will not affect users drastically. You can select this channel whenever you want, but do so knowing you will not receive products such as Windows 11 until they have been tested extensively. You'll still receive it early but will not have much time to get your feedback answered before the true release.

"Should I wait, or go for it?"

Again, whether you should go for Windows 11 at this time or not is completely up to you. The currently available versions have their setbacks and in no way am I promoting their installation, though I have. I decided to install it knowing the risks. If you have a secondary setup you don't mind testing it with, go ahead, but personally, my recommendation is to not download it unless you are sure of what you are doing.

Microsoft offered a Windows Health Check program that could tell you if your PC was within the required specs to download Windows 11, but due to the inaccuracy of its output, it has been taken down and will be back in a future date.

Should your PC not meet the minimum requirements for Windows 11, note that the installation process will fail. This can either mean your current setup may not be able to use Windows 11 ever, or in the future, it may become available if Microsoft changes the minimum specs, or you upgrade it to reach the minimum secs..

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